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Manor Gardens

Manor Gardens is a success story; the community volunteers group, who manages Manor Gardens project, has transformed a grot spot, a target for fly tippers, waste dumpers and drug addicts, into a community growing garden with fruit trees garden, vegetables/herbs growing facilities, DIY-workshop (planned) and social activities for the benefit of the local community. 

Projects at Manor Gardens are basically local neighbourhood work projects, they are planned and executed at the local community level, the fruits of which are delivered as benefits for the individual community members and local community which we consider as the reward for our volunteers’ dedicated work. 

Manor Gardens is such a project, with diverse groups, where members participate on growing activities based on the principle of organic community gardening. The project is run by the Hamm-Damm Foundation at Manor Gardens site in Batley, it is about healthy living, learning skills and bringing different groups together and overcome the often invisible and self-erected barrier of segregation. The Hamm-Damm Foundation is planning more projects in this category, such as families get-together, projects in partnership with children’s’ centre and local groups of school children, women, older people, faith groups such as Church and Mosque groups as well as disabled people’s group (with special raised-beds). For each of these groups, a growing plot with raised-bed is reserved where they can practice organic food-growing. 

Ongoing/Future Improvements

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